Jessica Marie,
Founder and CEO

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Background and Expertise

Jessica, the founder of Omnia Strategy Group, is a beacon of innovative thought leadership in the technology industry. Her deep-seated conviction that technology should be a servant to humanity, not its master, underpins her approach to guiding companies and leaders towards creating a positive impact in the world.

With a career dedicated to companies harnessing technology for solving some of the world's most pressing challenges, Jessica transcends the traditional bounds of marketing and communications. She believes in 'marketing as truth' - a philosophy that emphasizes the authentic, human stories behind companies and their technologies. This approach delves into the profound narratives that drive innovation and change.

Her thought leadership approach is not just about leading and reshaping conversations. It involves fostering meaningful discourse, presenting unorthodox perspectives, and offering provocative insights that compel us to think differently, feel deeply, and break free from the shallow modus operandi of the status quo.

In her vision, thought leadership is a catalyst for transformative change, challenging conventional thinking and inspiring actions that align with the deeper purpose of technology in society.

Cybersecurity Expertise

Jessica is an accomplished visionary strategist and catalyst in the tech industry, renowned for her achievements within the B2B cybersecurity space. Having guided leading organizations in Silicon Valley through various stages of growth, she's played a pivotal role in their journey to success.

For the past decade, Jessica has been a dynamic force in the cybersecurity landscape, penning numerous insightful pieces and frequently sharing her wisdom in discussions, webinars, and podcasts. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum, from API security to cloud security, shaping conversations and providing actionable insights with her forward-thinking on defensible security, leadership in cybersecurity, Zero Trust, and beyond.

Personal Philosophy and Vision

Jessica's personal philosophy is rooted in her manifold interests and experiences. As a writer, artist, and futurist, she delves into the complexities of societal patterns and trends, casting a visionary eye towards the potential futures of humanity. Her diverse areas of curiosity, including technology ethics, spirituality, ancient teachings, and economics, are colored by her personal voyage through depth psychotherapy, spiritual exploration, travel, and artistic expression.

At the heart of her philosophy lies a fundamental belief in the power of aligning with one's soul purpose, and an ongoing quest to uncover the essence of freedom, consciousness, and integration. She aspires to stoke the fires of awakening to unlock our deepest emotional and spiritual potentials. Guided by a profound connection to the unseen, Jessica's unique journey underpins her ultimate mission: to serve as a catalyst for humanity's quest for truth and deepened consciousness.

Her vision encompasses both the personal growth of individuals and the broader advancement of the collective, offering a transformative lens through which to envision and shape our shared future.


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In Their Own Words:
Testimonials on Jessica's Work

``Exceptional Asset to Any Team``

Jessica is an excellent strategic product marketer with the disposition of a team leader. She consistently generates quality materials while demonstrating her ability to coordinate projects across multiple departments in the company. Jessica is both dependable and professional with all aspects of her persona; an exceptional asset to any team.

Demand Generation Leader

``Strong Impact on Everything She Touches``

Jessica is one of a kind marketing enthusiast with talent that spans all aspects of the marketing mix. She can dig into any topic and create memorable content to inform and inspire. She always has a creative, positive outlook and her clever wheels are always churning to continually make a strong impact on everything she touches. Working with her at Check Point is such a pleasure.

Communications Executive

``Jessica Simplifies the Complex, Humanizes the Mundane``

Jessica simplifies the complex and humanizes the mundane, illuminating business value with clear and concise content. Jessica has a wide range and can handle thought leadership, product marketing and solutions marketing, to name a few. She is always professional and consistently meets deadlines.

Senior Web Strategist

``Displays Poise and Expertise to All Levels of Management with Ease``

Jessica’s knowledge of both legacy marketing principals as well as digital marketing trends is both impressive and refreshing. Her writing style, eye for design, and ability to deliver all types of media makes her a true marketing MacGyver. It isn’t often that one has the opportunity to work with an individual that can produce the high quality work, have the ability to see beyond the weeds continuing to move the needle in the right direction AND has the ability and expertise to write content or assist cross functional teams that are struggling to produce. Jessica displays her poise and expertise to all levels of management with ease. Day after day I am impressed by the volume of high quality work that she produces as well as her ability to provide guidance and support to colleagues. Jessica is a gem, a true asset to any organization and an absolute pleasure to work besides.

Head of Customer Marketing

``Jessica's Energy, Passion and Marketing Savviness is Contagious``

Jessica is among the finest leaders I have been associated with in my career. She is a winner.. Jessica’s energy, passion and marketing savviness is contagious and she truly makes those around her better. Jessica excels in all areas of marketing and to say I was flabbergasted by the scope of her expertise, would be an understatement. While working together, she was an intrical part of elevating our campaigns to the next level – not only developing marketing collateral, crafting infographics, strategizing between cross-functional teams; but her wealth of knowledge and eye for marketing were bar none. Jessica’s amicable demeanor and ability to execute were very refreshing and I am extremely confident she will be successful in all her future endeavors.

In short, I endorse Jessica with confidence and enthusiasm and give her the highest recommendation possible.

Head of Channel

``Sharp, Analytical Mind, Quickly Distills Data to Core Elements``

Jessica has a sharp analytical mind, able to quickly distill huge quantities of data down to core elements, understand complex interrelationships (including constraints and dependencies), and make decisive and timely judgments. Professional, determined and influential, Jessica is a key team member and a critical individual contributor.

Global Head of Marketing