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Explore our turn-key custom research solutions. We specialize in audience and tech industry analysis, delivering in-depth research reports without the ridiculous price tag.

In today's world, inundated with data, the real scarcity is meaningful interpretation.

Custom Research Services

Audience Insight Surveys

In-depth surveys targeting specific professional groups, such as cybersecurity experts in the financial services industry. Ideal for B2B tech companies looking to gain a nuanced understanding of their audience’s needs, challenges, and perspectives.

Innovation and Technology Research

Focused surveys of key decision-makers, such as product managers and CTOs, to gain insights into innovation and tech advancements. Ideal for companies exploring tech industry trends.

Custom Research Projects

Tailor-made research projects that target your unique goals, such as surveying marketing or technology executives for audience insights or analyzing specific industry trends. Each project is crafted for actionable, strategic insights.


We Transform Data into Strategic Insight

Our approach to custom research delivers profound insights specifically for B2B tech companies.

We provide an end-to-end service, meticulously guiding each phase from survey inception to a beautifully crafted final report. Delving deep into audience and industry specifics, we align your unique philosophy with market trends, crafting impactful narratives.

Our goal is to position your business as a thought leader, enhancing brand awareness and generating high-quality leads through insightful interpretation.

Our Process

Phase 1: Planning and Design


Strategic Consultation

Our initial meetings focus on understanding your vision and objectives. We delve into what makes your company unique, ensuring our research aligns perfectly with your strategic direction.


Customized Survey Design

We take a hands-on approach in designing your survey. By combining your industry knowledge with our research expertise, we formulate questions that delve deep into your specific areas of interest.


Survey Strategy & Collaboration

While we focus on the strategic aspect of survey design, we also guide you on effective programming techniques and collaborate with technical experts to ensure the survey is executed flawlessly.

Phase 2: Data Collection


Data Collection Strategy

We strategize the best approach for gathering your data, ensuring a targeted and effective collection process. This involves selecting the right platforms and methodologies to reach the intended audience, whether they are industry professionals, executives, or specific user groups.


Collaborative Execution

Recognizing the importance of quality data, we collaborate with industry-leading data collection firms. This partnership guarantees not only the breadth but also the depth of data, ensuring it is both comprehensive and relevant to your research objectives.

Phase 3: Analysis and Insight


In-depth Data Analysis

Dive deep into the collected data to unearth key insights. We use advanced analytical methods to interpret and understand the nuances within the data, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the results.


Insightful Narrative Creation

Translate the analytical findings into compelling narratives. This phase involves crafting stories that not only present the data but also contextualize it within your industry, helping to inform decision-making and strategy development.

Phase 4: Reporting, Design, and Support


Comprehensive Reporting & Design

Convert analyzed data and narratives into detailed, visually appealing reports. We focus on clear, engaging information presentation, tailored to your brand, making complex data easily understandable and visually compelling.


Presentation Development

Craft presentations that effectively communicate key research findings. This involves designing impactful slides and narratives that engage and inform your target audience, suitable for both internal and external dissemination.


Post-Delivery Support and Guidance

Provide ongoing support after delivering reports and presentations. This includes assistance in interpreting findings, strategic implementation advice, and addressing any further data queries to maximize the use of the research.

Choose Omnia: Elevate Your Research Game

Foresight-Driven Research

Navigate Tomorrow’s Market Today. Our foresight-driven research merges current analysis with predictive insights, empowering you to stay ahead of market trends and shape the future of your industry.

Narratives That Resonate

Data Storytelling for Impact. We transform complex data into compelling narratives, creating a powerful tool for industry influence and effective lead generation. Our insights don’t just inform; they inspire action.

Research that Doesn't Break Budgets

Premium Research, Sensible Pricing. Our agile approach ensures that you receive top-tier, cost-effective research solutions. Benefit from our lean structure that delivers excellence without the exorbitant costs.

Tech Industry Connoisseurs

Premium Research, Sensible Pricing. Our agile approach ensures that you receive top-tier, cost-effective research solutions. Benefit from our lean structure that delivers excellence without the exorbitant costs.

Our Latest Project:
2023 State of API Security

Case Study: Enhancing API Security Insights for Traceable

For Traceable’s pivotal “2023 State of API Security” report, our central role encompassed survey design, data analysis, and drafting the global report, in collaboration with the Ponemon Institute.

This comprehensive 40-page document delves into the current and emerging challenges in API security, reflecting our in-depth research and analytical skills.

Our expertise in creating and interpreting complex surveys, coupled with our ability to draft an extensive, insightful report, underscores our leadership in delivering high-caliber, impactful research in the tech sector.


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