Omnia Strategy Group Launches to Define a New Era of B2B Tech Marketing

RALEIGH, NC.-  JULY 10, 2023 – Today, Omnia Strategy Group, LLC., a visionary B2B tech marketing firm, announces its mission to redefine the paradigms of market positioning, product marketing and thought leadership. For too long, companies have operated without knowing who they truly are, touting “speeds and feeds” over value, and prioritized gaining superficial attention over creating something meaningful, and Omnia’s mission is to change that. 

In times of economic uncertainty, bank failures, massive layoffs, and the frenzied hype of new technologies, Omnia aims to catalyze a bold marketing approach rooted in helping organizations identify their potential, depth and purpose. This results in a clear message for their targeted audiences that  breaks through the noise of the market, and equips businesses with the resilience to navigate uncertainty. 

The company’s portfolio is extensive, showcasing customer stories from GTM strategies and product launches, to evergreen content and thought leadership. 


Primary Offerings:


  1. Core Discovery: Includes in-depth analysis of your company’s blind spots, operations, hurdles, and objectives. This meticulous exploration is the cornerstone of our bespoke strategies, designed to expose and tackle root issues rather than gloss over them. The rewards of our approach are abundant – it enables precise strategic decision-making, streamlines operations, hones competitive edge, and preemptively mitigates risks. Beyond operational enhancements, our Core Discovery process bolsters employee engagement and sharpens corporate goals, fostering improved communication with stakeholders and enables proactive planning.
  2. Strategic Positioning: We help you craft clear and compelling narratives for a variety of situations, including product launches, corporate campaigns, crisis communications and M&A activities. With Omnia, you can differentiate your company from competitors, develop unique and compelling messaging that consistently enforces the company’s strengths, values, and vision, to establish themselves as credible and reliable partners to their customers and industries.
  3. Product Marketing: We offer a powerful blend of strategic insight, creative expertise, and data-driven product marketing to propel your products into leader status. Our value proposition lies in our bespoke, insightful strategies that speak directly to your target audience, enhancing brand visibility and driving sales. This focused approach not only elevates your brand awareness but also increases market share, creates customer loyalty, and improves ROI.
  4. Executive Thought Leadership: Provides organizations with increased visibility, establishes authority in the market, enhanced reputation, improved stakeholder relationships, competitive advantage, and increased sales and revenue. By leveraging the expertise and insights of leadership, companies can achieve even greater success and create a lasting impact on their industries. Our offering amplifies your visibility, authority, and reputation in the market, strengthening stakeholder relationships and providing a competitive advantage. 


The return to depth, nuance and precision.


Omnia’s Founder, Jessica Marie, is not only a seasoned veteran in the B2B tech industry, with an impressive track record helping cybersecurity companies and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, but she is also driven by a deeper purpose. For Jessica, it’s about going beyond the surface and crafting meaningful, purposeful messaging and positioning that inspires action and creates a lasting impact. She believes in the power of compelling narratives that drive change, stating, “I am committed to help organizations create a legacy that inspires action and resonates for generations. As a catalyst, problem solver, and deep thinker, I want to infuse organizations’ communications with values that empower and transform, and to shape a world that embraces meaningful progress amidst profound transition.”


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About Omnia Strategy Group, LLC

Omnia Strategy Group is a visionary guide for B2B tech startups poised to become market leaders. Our mission is to unlock potential, fuel growth, and drive companies out of stealth mode and into the forefront of their industries. We specialize in product marketing, thought leadership, and strategic positioning, leveraging our unique insights to catapult tech companies to success. At Omnia, we redefine the future of technology, turning possibilities into reality, and startups into industry pioneers. Join the revolution at


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